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USC Global Supply Chain Symposium India 2018

Date: 20th March 2018: USC Global Supply Chain Symposium India 2018 saw a gala presence of Dignitaries from all over the globe. This new generation has made an environment to connect with leaders, develop community, and create transformation through global supply chain excellence. The inaugural session was attended by Raj Dias, Symposium Chairperson and President, Global DCM Inc. (GDCM), Nick Vyas, Program Director, USC Center of Global Supply Chain Management, Junaid Ahmad, Country Director India, World Bank,Eugene Seroka, CEO & Executive Director of Los Angeles Port, USA, Mr. Ravinder Saroop, Commissioner GST, Dheeraj Rastogi, Joint Secretary GST Council, Ajay Jhalani, Managing Director, WTPL Thailand, Augustine Chalissery, Founder and CEO, SourceProcureDeliver, Dilip Mehta, CEO Pegasus Shipping, Ashok Sharma, President Indian Academy of Management with a packed audience at St. Regis Hotel, Mumbai.

This event saw a unique opportunity for business executives and professionals to connect and share insights on this global platform on how to strategically manage supply chains in rapidly evolving local and global markets. With the participation of various players has not only opened new arenas for ease of doing business but also has given an opportunity to learn and adapt to best global practices .thought provoking ideas from the panelist with keynote presentations with a unique ideology were presented during this symposium.

The symposium highlights are the Keynote speeches on Supply Chain Management – Supply Chain Outlook 2020 by Nick Vyas, Port Optimization by Gene Seroka, CEO and Executive Director of Los Angeles Port USA, Supply Chain Finance by Litesh Majethia, Bank of Baroda, 4 Party Logistics by Augustine Chalissery, Talent Management by Dr. Shibani Belwalkar and Warehouse Exchange by Raj Dias and Nick Vyas. Other four panel discussions were headed by industry leaders.

Sharing his thoughts, Nick Vyas, Program Director, USC Center of Global Supply Chain Management mentioned that “India has resources, an intellectual capacity so it will have to change itself for future practices. Moreover, connectivity & speed are the big issues & can be addressed by adapting to technology & making conducive policies for which they are in talks with the Indian Government & will soon see a good change”.

Raj Dias Symposium Chairperson & President, Global DCM Inc, believes that “More prominently a big paradigm shift is required, where education & technology will play a key role in making a big change in coming times in which India will have to follow it seriously or else it will be left behind as now the time has arrived to go to the next level as 3PL & 4PL have already been activated. India will be definitely heading towards the paradigm shift for sure as I see good scope & a bright future ahead.”

Junaid Ahmad, Country Director India, World Bank also expressed his views as “India can give the much-needed boost to the economy, as it has a consistent & steady growth pattern thus opening a sea of opportunities. India today is a global player & if it does not deliver than the world will also not deliver, India’s development is worlds development. India will have to make the tectonic shift to sustain itself with sustainable growth”.

The event was organised by US-based Global DCM Inc (GDCM) and USC Marshall Center for Global Supply Chain Management. USC Marshall connects the world through Global Supply Chain Management with Network, Education, and Applied Research (NEAR). Capitalizing upon its global network, industry experience, and renowned faculty, the USC Marshall School is a leading business school with a top-ranked, STEM-certified Global Supply Chain Management graduate programs. As a leader in cultivating top business talent, the Center for Global Supply Chain Management leads efforts to streamline efficiency and advance cutting-edge practices in the increasingly interconnected global economy.

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