– Predictions from team AstroYogi led to the postponing of Zoya Factor trailer launch by two days

– Trailer launched on August 29 instead of August 27, paving way for movie’s success


Mumbai; August 30, 2019: In an unusual occurrence, the trailer launch of Sonam Kapoor’s upcoming movie, `The Zoya Factor’ was postponed by two days, following the predictions by Team Astroyogi, India’s largest astrology platform. Over 15 AstroYogi astrologers had suggested against the trailer launch on August 27 due to the ill-effect of Mars on the day, after thoroughly assessing the makers’ and the movie’s horoscopes.

The trailer was launched today in Mumbai, with blessings from the 15 AstroYogi astrologers (who can also be seen in the picture below with Sonal Kapoor).

Zoya Factor is based on a true story narrated by Anuja Chauhan about a character Zoya Solanki, who was regarded as the lucky mascot of the Indian Cricket Team during the 2011 World Cup and went on to becoming the mascot for many believers thereafter. The movie is set to be released on September 20, 2019.

The Zoya Factor with Astroyogi Astrologers.jpeg

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