Indyro Global introduces interior technology;

Launches ‘POWER PLUS’ Tracks, Wireless Sockets and Switches

Eliminating the concept of stationary power outlets, POWER
PLUS comprises power track, wireless sockets of various amperage and
accessories starting at INR 2500 per meter

New Delhi, September 18, 2019:-Indyro Global, India’s first player in the brand new field of
Interior Technology, recently announced the launch of its first and flagship
product ‘POWER PLUS.’ The start-up which aims at completely revolutionizing the
way we understand power consumption, has introduced the latest product that
incorporates a power track which can go up to 6 ft in length, universally
adaptive sockets of different amperage, socket enhancer accessories such as LAN
adapter etc. The power track can support a load of 5kW and up to 25-30 devices
can be connected at a time!

what exactly is the POWER PLUS?

Moving beyond the limitations of a
wall-fixed power outlet, POWER PLUS is the first flexible power outlet system
to be introduced in India. It is essentially a long ‘power railway line’ of
sorts, which can easily fit along the walls of a space or table skirting and
allow users to plug in their devices from wherever they are. The sockets
offered by Indyro are universally adaptable, which gets rid of the problem of
non-compatibility. Furthermore, the accessories help add multiple utilities to
the sockets, which can easily serve as a Wi-Fi adapter or can connect to a LAN
cable, adapting to the needs of corporate spaces easily.

Commenting on the innovation the company is
aiming to introduce and inculcate, Rohan
Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Indyro Global said, “The 21st
century is device-driven, and the restrictions imposed by wall-fixed power
outlets are not acceptable anymore. Indyro’s POWER PLUS has been developed
after 4 years of extensive research in the interior technology domain to
identify the perfect way to optimize the way we access power. Gradually, POWER
PLUS has the potential to become the go-to framework in corporate offices, public
facilities and residences considering the immense freedom and flexibility it
offers. It has the potential to drive a complete behavioural change in the way
we meet our power needs.”

One of the most important aspects of POWER
PLUS is its easy-to-implement feature. POWER PLUS does not require any kind of
re-wiring, breaking down walls or massive renovation work and can fit in
smoothly within existing power structures. Thus, it serves as the perfect
cost-saving option for dilapidated buildings, heritage structures or other
facilities looking for a quick, long-term, innovative and efficient fix to their
power framework. Furthermore, POWER PLUS has an element of aesthetic design
involved as the sockets and the tracks can be lit according to the user’s
preferences and can also be used as efficient advertising options. With POWER
PLUS, Indyro has introduced the Interior Technology domain in India
emphatically, and has the ability to change the ways in which we viewed the
humble old power sockets, forever!

starts from September 29, 2019.

Indyro Global

Indyro Global is an ‘Interior Technology’ start-up
funded in March 2019, completely transforming the way we understand power
accessibility and consumption. Through its unique proprietary product ‘POWER
PLUS” comprising a dynamic power track and fully adaptive sockets, Indyro
showcases innovations in the Flexible Power Outlet Systems hitherto unseen in
conventional power infrastructure.

Developed after a sustained research for 4 years, Indyro’s
POWER PLUS solves problems related with a power outlet fixed inside a wall completely.
The product consists of power tracks, sockets and socket accessories such as a
LAN adapter, hygrometer and other pluggable components to further enhance the
utility of the socket. The sockets come in various types of amperage and are
universally adaptive. The track can support a load of 5 kW, and can connect up
to 25-30 devices at a time on a 6 ft track! For the first time, an enterprise
has tried to reimagine power outlets and can enhance the efficiency
and productivity of a space completely.

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